Saturday, 30 October 2010

Officially Sick Of Christmas Number Ones

I've not blogged for a while, but today I'm compelled to do so thanks to the numerous facebook campaigns to get certain songs to the top spot in the British singles chart. From attempts to get another Rage Against The Machine song there, through the mind-numbingly dull idea of championing 4+ minutes of silence, to the awful Surfin' Bird by the Trashmen. There's more...

Sod it. It's Christmas. I want a Christmas song at number one. Sadly, this is statistically unlikely to happen, as evidenced in 65 years of chart history. If you look at the list the songs with an actual Christmas theme barely reach double figures. I'm not saying there haven't been some good songs at the top (notably '69 and '79 for me personally) but there's something rather magical about Christmas, and I'd like to see something that reflects that magic at the top.

D'you know what? I wouldn't even mind if the Cowell Dross Machine churned out a Christmassy Number One (rather than the number twos that have hit #1) this year. I loved and participated in the RATM campaign last year because, like millions of other music lovers, I just wanted to stop pop pap from dominating a chart that I am only ever interested in at this special time of year. And I am. I really couldn't give a shit who's at number one the rest of the year. Not even if it's a band or artist I like. But Christmas... I love it! I want something fitting at the top, please!

Not Slade. Not Wizzard. Not Cliff. My favourite Christmas themed number one is this:

I would love it - love it - if Shaky made number one with this, twenty-five years after it last hit the top spot. It's cheery, upbeat, fun and simple. You know, like Christmas should be when we're not worrying about how much little Johnny's new Playstation 3 is going to cripple the credit card, or where we'll be sitting down to dinner now Auntie Geraldine isn't talking to Mum after what Dad said about the bath salts he's been getting from her for the last 50 years.

You may not like Christmas time. I do. But you may not like it for the reasons I tend to ignore. The greed. The advertising. How early it hits our screens/shops/garden centres/billboards. How money orientated it is. No no no. For me it's about seeing the look on someone's face when they get something they love rather than just something they want. It's about having a good time with friends and family. It's about the relaxation that comes after the hectic build-up. It's about mince pies, and tinsel, and there really being a Santa, and socks that I know I need but never ask for because I'll get them anyway. Except when I do need them.

So can we have Shaky at No.1 for Christmas please? Can we can we can we?!?! There's even a facebook group for it now. 16 members. You have to ask to get in. But hopefully they'll change that with the chance of it going global.

And if we can't have Shaky, how about some other Christmas songs I like?

Nah. Shaky please. :-)